The project Erasmus+ THINK GREEN (SUSTAINABLE TOURISM FOR SUSTAINABLE COMMUNITIES) arises from the need to ensure educational actions that prepare our students to become active and responsible citizens caring for our large enriching European cultural heritage, so that it may be a generator of wealth and social cohesion . To this end, it is vital that the activities developed around it, tourism included, are respectful to the environment and sustainable in the long term. These actions are in line with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals addressing global challenges, e.g. poverty, inequality, climate, environmental degradation, welfare, peace and justice.

We plan to propose specific actions to promote a sustainable tourism practice and to ensure a sustainability strategy for the activities and their dissemination, too. The methodology is based on project work, cooperative and team-work. Another pillar of the methodology is the work and personal reflection on the analysis of the type of tourist that each participant is, measuring thus the impact on the environment and its sustainability. Finally, we will use the Content Marketing Cycle methodology (Listening to buyers/people, deciding on the theme and topics, creating content, promoting content, measuring and evaluating, repurposing) to promote sustainable tourism activities.

THINK GREEN will provide all participants with a greater awareness and a more responsible action while carrying out tourist activities. Different organizations participate with us in the development of the project, proposing sustainable tourism actions that respect our heritage and environment. Our intention is that sustainability education plays an important role in the curriculum of our schools as well as in other institutions in our area through the materials we are creating to this purpose.



Coordinating school

We are a Catholic school (1.300 students and 120 staff), with social initiative and state-subsidised, located in the centre of Vitoria-Gasteiz. Recognized internationally for its pedagogy...


Partner School

The primary school Hinka Smrekarja is in Ljubljana, the capital city of Slovenia, a small chicken-like looking country located between Croatia, Hungary, Italy and Austria. Ljubljana has a population...


Partner school

Agrupamento de Escolas de Castelo de Paiva (AECP) is a large group of schools which is located in a small town in Castelo de Paiva, Aveiro, a district of Portugal. There, in the main and larger school...


Partner School

Halikon lukio is a senior high school located in Salo, in Southern Finland. It is one of the three high schools that are located in Salo. Halikon lukio was founded in 1973. It has moved several times after that.


Partner school

The inlingua Berufsfachschule für Fremdsprachenberufe in the centre of Ingolstadt is a vocational college at an upper secondary level for students aged 16 or older, their number varying between...


Partner School

Anykščiai Jonas Biliūnas Gymnasium is located in Anykščiai city in the north-east of Lithuania. The teaching staff is 54 members and technical personnel of 25.