...and innovative methodology. Our educational offer covers all levels of Infant Education, Primary and Secondary Education , Baccalaureate and Vocational Training.We offer a wide range of cultural extracurricular activities, sports, training in values ​​and languages. We also have canteen services. The students have the possibility to complete their education in the School of Music Vedruna, located in the school facilities. Our aim is the overall education of each of our students, a personalized education that seeks the maximum development of their abilities and skills working on multiple intelligences. We aim to educate happy people who participate in society in a responsible and creative way and who take responsibility for their personal and social commitment in favor of Peace. The School management is carried out according to the EFQM Excellence Model Principles. Our management is based on the culture of continuous improvement and a strong commitment to innovation.

We are associated with the following organizations: BCBL (Basque Center on Brain, Cognition and language); Unescoetxea and Unesco School Network; Euskalit; Innobasque (Basque Innovation Agency) and FEAE (Forum of discussion and debate of educational innovation).



...there are several large buildings which comprises the 1846 pupils and students attending the 99 classes, from 5th to the 12th forms, both general and vocational courses. About the general secondary courses, the students who attend the upper secondary school may choose from a range of several courses such as Science and Technologies, Arts, Social and Economic Sciences, and Language and Humanities. Besides this, this school also provides vocational courses. Our school community also includes children who attend pre- and primary schools that are scattered all over the county.

AECP is very active, namely in international projects and study visits to English-speaking countries. We have developed and taken part in several European partnerships such as Lingua-Socrates, Comenius, PROALV_Lifelong Learning Programme and Erasmus+ projects since 1997, thus promoting its European dimension and European cooperation.



...28 and 34 in two classes. Our team comprises 10 teachers and the school management. Although our curriculum is focused on foreign languages, economy and computer and data processing skills, it also includes foreign and social studies, translation and interpreting.

For 40 years, our school is committed to providing personal guidance, focusing on demands of the job market, integrating learning in practical contexts and providing qualifications for internationality.

We also aim to use digital media in teaching and organisational practices, not also to provide our students with modern, interactive and motivating strategies and contents, but also to minimize the school’s ecological footprint.

The inlingua vocational college is partner of the inlingua Language School and the latter is also member of an international network of schools. The international character of both institutions is added value to the processes and decision-making and influences the thinking of the staff working for both schools.



...The gymnasium offering the upper programme of secondary education to 495 students age between 15 - 19 years.

The strategic objective for the school 2019-2021 is to provide the students with an atmosphere appropriate for the teaching-learning process, and suitable to preserve and mature their civic and cultural self-consciousness and obtain contemporary competences that will assist the students in leading a successful life and being actively involved in their socio-cultural environment.


This will give the students opportunities to discover their own path of life, develop their competences of increasing motivation, openness, ability of decision-making, creativity and innovation as well as other interpersonal competencies. The Gymnasium carry out education that combine both formal and non-formal education. It provides an opportunity for the students to be involved in voluntary actions through formal ties established between the school and voluntary organizations. By after-school activities the Gymnasium offers the students a variety of extra-curricular clubs to join like the Tourist Club, Scouts, Movie Club, and a lot more.




...of 290,000 people and our primary school is one amongst many.

Our school was built in 1959 and is named after Hinko Smrekar, a sketcher, illustrator and caricaturist. Today we have over 580 students from the first to the ninth grade aged from 6 to 15. We are active in many programs and projects, especially in the fields of languages, tourism and mathematics. We are especially proud of our theatre group, tourism club, language club and our trained dogs that help children with learning disabilities.


Our school strives to improve the learning process, we regularly take part in new self-evaluating projects, seminars and try to be up to date. Our students are very active in all competitions from sports to languages and achieve great results that show our hard work inside and outside of the classrooms.




..It has moved several times after that. There are about 200 students in Halikon lukio.


Every year around 70 students start their secondary education in Halikon lukio. Students get very individual teaching in Halikon lukio because of the small number of students. Halikon lukio has a nice atmosphere, too.


There are a lot of events during the school year, for example special theme days and sport events. Halikon lukio also has a popular choir. It organizes a concert once a year which draws in hundreds of viewers.